Using pharma innovations for challenging existing status quo in eCommerce

There are several disruptive regulations in the US “Drug Supply Chain Security Act” DSCSA and particularly in the California “California Pedigree Law” bringing innovations which already is being implemented and which seams nobody noticed even in Silicon Valley – which enable merging of Supply Chain and Distribution and enabling new look of eCommerce Avalanche Chain improved existing approaches and already created prototype of “Marketplace of the future”…


Omnifunctional ready Supply Chain free from Counterfeit

Digital ownership

Digital ownership - the Primary identification tool for all channels: offline and online    

Use existing infrastructure and IT systems

Creation extra layer of ownership transfers on top of existing Supply Chain and all distribution channels - both offline and online

Transparency and management tools open new horizons

Enable Brands to obtain real-time transparency in entire Supply Chain up to certain unique Product – real-time Inventory, Transactions etc


Great event, great challenges, and our team was caught in action in video from Pioneers

Just in 48 hours, our team developed ready for test Green Energy Marketplace enabling real-time direct relations between Producers and Consumers


Meet us in Bern, Switzerland

Meet our team at Energy Blockchain Hackathon on December 3rd - 5th 2018, Bern - Switzerland where we will solve using our MVP real-life challenges on the edge of Supply Chain, Inventory Management and eCommerce  


Good news!

Good news! Avalanche Chain was accepted into YCombinator Advisory Path program!