Looking Forward Into The Omnichannel Future

Retail landscape mostly established by multi-channel already is about to reach its limitation, the retail world moved forwards a new model so-called Omnichannel retail model.

Omnifunctional Supply Chain is one of the core components of successful Omnichannel model implementation and bringing safe, simple and seamless buying experience for Consumers.

Existing Supply Chain is full of data synchronization gaps and so-called “analog” gaps resulting lack of critical real-time transparency. It’s clearly seen in existing eCommerce model, which generally was established by PayPal and eBay 20 years ago, resulting in growing concerns from Customer regarding Counterfeit, contaminated, not ethically produced, dangerous or otherwise harmful products which easily can enter Supply Chain and affect any person all over the Planet.

To solve existing and foreseeable challenges, Supply Chain should bring real Transparency in order to acquire new capabilities and enable real-time custom design Supply Chain network setup together with redevelopment under pressure of constantly fast rising requirements.