Using pharma innovations for challenging existing status quo in eCommerce

There are several disruptive regulations in the US “Drug Supply Chain Security Act” DSCSA and particularly in the California “California Pedigree Law” bringing innovations which already is being implemented and which seams nobody noticed even in Silicon Valley – which enable merging of Supply Chain and Distribution and enabling new look of eCommerce

Avalanche Chain improved existing approaches and already created prototype of “Marketplace of the future”

Our solution is a careful combination of multiple existing and new solutions mixed at the right receipt. Just small fraction of our “ingredients”:

  1. Serialization – from “old school” Tracku0026amp;Trace providers
  2. Digital ownership as key ID- with Blockchain principles but without cryptocurrency
  3. Real-time info where each product has been in Supply Chain and current owner of any given product – from pharma Supply Chain regulation
  4. Omnifunctional Supply Chain – enabling real-time inventory, cross-functional functionality, delivery optimization