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About Avalanche Chain

Retailers globally will waste $1000M+ in 2019 for manual work on the shelves for spinning bottles and checking packages to figure out and update expiry dates of Grocery. Avalanche Chain saves for retailers globally 100,000,000 hours of manual work every year

There is an issue which can be seen in every supermarket all over the world — retail staff waste 100,000,000+ hours/year of manual work on the Grocery shelves (1000-2000 hours/year per each retail location) for regular spinning bottles and rotating packages in order to figure out expiry dates and protect customers from exposure or harmful product.

From retailers view it’s already $1Bn+ problem however from a global perspective it’s extremely closely related with $1 trillion Food Waste problem which is rapidly growing despite the fact that about 800M+ people are starving and the planet will need to produce twice more food by 2050.

Avalanche Chain found and improved the newest supply chain management technology which allows to bring a new level of inventory visibility on a minimum salable unit at each step of supply chain and, at the same time, lucrative of commercialization due to following benefits for retailers which differentiates from multiple already existing solutions.

  • Real-time inventory visibility about every bottle/package in the store;
  • Expired or recalled product will not pass cashier desk;
  • Not required — retail staff additional actions to get real-time information;
  • Not required — additional equipment on/in/near the shelf (cameras, scanners, RFID readers etc);
  • Not required — expensive tags like RFID, NFC etc;

Key features

Real-time inventory visibility at a minimum salable units level

Zero actions from retail staff

No additional equipment or sensors inside or near the shelves

No expensive marking or tagging (RFID, NFC etc)

No chance for expired product get to cusomer

200 times less chance for counterfeit

Established first Company and earned money at age 14, 15+ years’ experience of managing separate businesses – Telecommunication, Blockchain, Consumer Electronics, Speech Recognition. Leading cross-functional teams in high-tech environment including first ever in the world mass scale deployment of Immersion Cooling Technology for Data Centers

Vadym Tsekhanovskyi

CEO, Founder Avalanche chain

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